The Beth Midrash Mikhlal Yofi and the congregation Kiryat Hana David were founded in 1985 by Rabbi David Ibn Khalifa in honor of his Rabbi, the Rabbi and Dayan David Cohen Scali, a famous Posek in North Africa. His goal was to establish in Jerusalem a place of study and prayer, faithful to the Sephardic tradition. After he passed away in 1991, his disciple Rabbi Menachem Chouraqui succeeds him by will and leads since then the studies and the various activities.

Thirty talmidim regularly attend the program of study, while being active in Israeli civil society. All the classics are taught according to Sephardic tradition with emphasis on the text primary meaning (the pshat) and rules (klalim) that drive the texts analysis.

Social and cultural activities are regularly organized. These conferences, hiloulot, movies, debates and excursions attract a growing number of participants. Nevertheless, the main organization action is the books or manuscripts editing and publishing.