• Revised edition (2 volumes) of the Responsa by Rabbi David HaCohen-Scali: Kiryat Hana David. This book was published for the first time in 1935 and then reprinted in 1988, but all copies were sold out while there is still significant demand for it. Because the first edition contains many typo and omissions, it was decided that the reprinting will be based on the original manuscript. This work requires a great ability to read handwritten notes, a huge time investment and a lot of discipline. It is indeed important to scrupulously respect the original text of the author.The “Encyclopedia of Algerians Rabbis” by the Rabbi David Ibn Khalifa, this is a comprehensive document about the Jewish history in Algeria as well as their spiritual yield through important books and manuscripts.
  • “Devash-Lefi”: a Zohar commentary to explain Sephardic traditions based on the Zohar.
  • “Darkhei David” (8 volumes) as only the first volume was published to date